Reading And Leeds? We’d Rather Go To Wanky Balls

Here’s something we didn’t expect to happen when we woke up this morning: the phrase “wanky balls” is now a top trending topic on Twitter.

Why? It’s all down to blogger Kat Arney, who noticed a bit of a howler in a festival preview in The Independent.

Check the last paragraph: “The Big Chill was founded in 1994 as the Wanky Balls Festival in north London.”

Hmm. We’re pretty sure that’s not true. Unfortunately, the journalist made a schoolboy error: trusting what he read on Wikipedia. The Big Chill’s entry had been sabotaged, see – and The Independent writer failed to spot the mischievous lie.

Now, we’re not in a position to lecture anyone on subbing mistakes – ahem – but it makes us wonder what else we could smuggle into the broadsheets via a few acts of well-placed Wikipedia Vandalism.

Michael Eavis owns a panther named Morrissey? Josh Homme was a teenage tiddlewinks champion? Brandon Flowers’ wife is made entirely of cress?

Either way, we hereby decree that The Big Chill must forthwith be referred to as the Wanky Balls festival across all media in perpetuity.