Real Estate, ‘It’s Real’ – Free MP3

In 2009 New Jersey band Real Estate released their self titled LP.  A  collection of tracks they’d gathered together from limited edition vinyl releases, home recorded mp3s and live shows, they sang about the angst of being a teen from the suburbs and were inspired by local bands Yo La Tengo and the Feelies.  With the record proving a surprise hit for label Woodist, since then they’ve toured the world, have signed with Domino in the UK, and are to release their second LP, ‘Days’ in October. 

But if you can’t wait until you’re back wearing a coat, don’t worry. To celebrate the album’s announcement they’re giving away lead single ‘It’s Real’ for free right now. More polished than their previous work, all three members drop the fuzz for sharp and jaunty guitar lines weaving around some simply gorgeous “woah oh ohs“. Look out for live dates soon.