Ringo Starr On Twitter – The Highlights So Far

The dispiriting thing about a lot of celebrities on Twitter is that often you suspect it’s not really them tweeting at all, it’s all being ghosted by a drone employed by an expensive PR agency. That’s not the case with Ringo Starr, who signed up the other week. No slick social ‘strategy’ for him. He tweets in the authentic voice of a 71-year-old man who’s just got a new smartphone and has no idea how this whole thing works.

Endearingly, he seems to think tweeting is the same as texting, and doesn’t realise that when he addresses friends (“Hi Marge, Hi Joe”) it can be read by 30,000 people. Most of his tweets barely make sense, though you sort of know what he’s trying to say, for example when he owns up to “de tweaking” people he doesn’t know.

Still, I’m all for musicians being themselves on social media, I’d hate to see him give up. So, at risk of sounding massively patronising – keep going, Ringo. You’ll get the hang of it eventually.