Rolo Tomassi, ‘Titanomachia’ – Free MP3

The word “epic” gets thrown around a lot, but there’s no question that this song is. When it starts, it sounds like something you might hear in some kind of haunted jazz cafe, then suddenly the screamo kicks in and you’re reminded that this is the latest release from hardcore yelpers Rolo Tomassi.

Rolo Tomassi

Listen to ‘Titanomachia’ below, then download it (for free), exclusively on

Rolo Tomassi will be releasing a massive anthology collection, ‘Eternal Youth’, on April 18th – through their own, brand new label Destination Moon. Or if you prefer, you can pick up a special triple LP version (out via Holy Roar) on Record Store Day (April 16th).

This release is full of 36 rare and non-album tracks and original demo recordings, spanning across the last six years.

“When the band started I don’t think any of us anticipated that our records would sell out and be sought after,” says James Spence (Keyboards, vocals). “You can hear the first songs we recorded six years ago, right up to the last tracks we did in August last year. This release serves to make all our material available once again and to also give you some idea of how our band’s sound has changed and developed over the six years we’ve been together…We’re also really pleased to be properly launching Destination Moon, our own label, on which we’ll be putting out all future Rolo Tomassi releases. We see this as an exciting step forward creatively for our band.”

Download Rolo Tomassi’s ‘Titanomachia’ now