Sacred Songs – Which Tracks Do You Think Should Never Be Covered?

Some songs are far too precious to ever be tampered with: their DNA is so pristine and perfect that to twist them in new directions is tantamount to gross indecency. I still remember how queasy I felt when Mark Ronson turned The Smiths’ ‘Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before’ into a horn-parping bellow-along anthem, all the subtlety and wit and humour removed to make way for some blaring, trumpeting reinterpretation. The horror, the horror.

So for every bona-fide classic cover which has breathed new life into an old track, from Blondie’s take on ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ to to Patti Smith’s ‘Gloria’, there’s Limp Bizkit’s version of The Who’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ or Madonna’s ‘American Pie’. But, dear readers, we’re not interested in the crimes that have already been committed. We want to know which songs are so special and sacred to you that you couldn’t stand to ever hear them covered by another artist; the tracks which are so important and integral to your life that to hear them even ever-so slightly tweaked would send the earth spinning off its axis.

Let us know your suggestions, and the reasons why, in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #sacredsongs. And we’ll be sure to publish the best ones.