Scene Report – SMD’s Dancefloor Dreaming

James Ford and Jas Shaw are up for summer’s final blow-outs

Hello again. We’ve just come to the end of our festival live dates and are embarking on some serious DJ gigging over the rest of the summer, so everything is very busy. We’ve been restocking our playlists with plenty of fresh tracks to see off the warm months, so here’s a mini selection of the stuff we’re playing right now. First up is ‘Beam Me Up’, the Jacques Renault mix by Midnight Magic. Jacques has infused the original sexy disco version with the sounds of summer in New York, leaving it sounding like a lost Studio 54 classic.

Also on the summery underground disco theme is Andy Blake’s mix of ‘Holiday Romance’ by the brilliant Detachments. Andy, formerly head honcho of the incredible enigmatic DIY imprint Dissident, has done a ‘live’ remix which loops and churns the vocal, building it into a hypnotic warehouse affair.

Kassem Mosse is also making some amazing trippy, soundscapey techno stuff at the moment. He’s been using the Workshop label as a launching pad for raw, minimal house music, and you could do worse than to check out ‘Workshop 008’ for some real 6am music that manages to comfortably straddle the techno and house divide.

Heading into tougher territory is the new track ‘Annihilate’ by local boys Deepgroove, out on Darren Emerson’s Underwater Records. Loopy bendy synths reach a huge crescendo reminiscent of Audion’s finer moments…

Speaking of which, Matthew Dear from Audion has just put out a fantastic new album ‘Black City’ under his own name. It’s a really creative and modern electronic record that has moments on it that remind us of ‘Another Green World’-era Eno, with equally bizarre lyrics. Right, that’s your lot – see you at the end of the summer…

This article originally appeared in the September 11 issue of NME

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