Signals (Ex Mae Shi) Cover Sparks, The Radio Dept, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Free MP3s

Anyone who saw The Mae Shi fling their dirty laundry over crowds over the last few years will know that A) they were a precious commodity of demented genius and as such B) probably had a limited lifespan before something ruptured. They’ve seen more people come and go than Ashley Cole’s housekeeper over the years and sure enough two-thirds of the live line-up departed last year to form Signals.


Bad news for Mae Shi fans? Time will tell. Good news for (new) Signals fans? Their upcoming 7″ ‘Silverfish / What Dreams’ (on Moshi Moshi) should answer that, and in the meantime this Sparks cover bodes well for the threesome keeping the Mae Shi flame alive.

Download it here

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