Steal Lady Leshurr’s sweet shearling jacket style

In Partnership With Snap Fashion

Grime star Lady Leshurr is one of the best things to come out Birmingham and no mistake. She’s been making hip-hop and grime for well over a decade, but finally went mainstream with her fast, funny and fierce ‘Queen’s Speech’ series. She graced the cover of NME a few months ago and looked super sharp in a shearling jacket inside the magazine. Wanna steal her style? Well, we do, which is why we used the Snap Fashion app to help us find some clothes just like hers.

The app lets you search for clothes via brand, colour or cost and is dead easy to use – much simpler than battling the high street on a chilly Saturday afternoon at any rate. Below are some of the furry collared coats we found using it, which will make you as glam and grimey and Ms Leshurr herself. Download the app here.

Charlotte Simone at Matches at Snap Fashion £475


Pink fluffy collars and patent black plastic? This Barbie dreamcoat is almost a perfect match for Lady Leshurr’s. Sure, it might make you look like you have a giant pink beard, but that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?

Boohoo at Snap Fashion £30


Something for the chilly winter evenings, this long grey overcoat complete with faux fur shrug is exactly the kind of thing you need to avoid frostbite – and also the avoid looking rubbish.

ASOS at Snap Fashion £180


A slick, professional take on the shearing look, this smart black coat is a serious seasonal investment. Also good for pretending you’re in a gloomy new wave band from Manchester c. 1983.

River Island at Snap Fashion £90


More shiny! More shearling! This coat is so good it’s almost scary. Pretend to be the bouncer at Berlin’s uber-strict techno club the Berghain while wearing this and telling all your mates they definitely can’t come into your house, even if they’ve been outside for hours.

Shrimps at Matches at Snap Fashion £350


Bow down before this beautiful coat, half outerwear, half a small creature that you want to take home and feed fishy snacks to throughout the night. If coats were pets, we’d be adopting this one, no questions asked.