Gary Powell, he of The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things and The Invasion Of... is adding another string to his bow by launching a record label. 25 Hour Convenience already has a pretty impressive roster so we got him to run us through some of them. Gary introduces a few acts and presents a stream from each below.

Gary Powell

Black Einstein
Black Einstein
"Black Einstein (AKA Colin Emmanuel) is a blast from my past, present and future. As an old dog of hip hop and a lover of the art of 'lyrical flow', B.E's approach to music harks back to the time of the Native Tongues, Mark The 45 King, Queen Latifah, The Jungle Brothers and so on - all made music that would define an era that would then spawn many variations on a theme. In short, Black Einstein's approach is fresh, punchy, imaginative and he can be considered a leader not a follower in hip hop."

Black Eintstein releases 'Common Ground' on August 22nd. More details on his Facebook page.

Jeye T
Jeye T
"Jeye T (aka John Tierney) hails from Glasgow but after a brief relocation to London, has just finished recording his first EP, Telescopic Eye. Under the ever watchful eye of producer Jon Moon (of Amy Winehouse, Kings of Leon fame) and myself, the end result is a live recorded album that is dynamic, colourful and beautifully executed."

Jeye T releases 'Telescopic Eye' on August 15th - details here.

Matt Acheson
Matt Atcheson
"Matt Acheson hails from Bristol and is a Cambridge Graduate, automatically making him infinitely more intelligent than me and many of my former cohort's which, lets face it, ain't that difficult (just kidding folks). The one thing that drew me towards Matt and his music was his individualistic approach to life in general. Because there are no holds barred on life, this leaves an open window of opportunity to explore and manipulate his music, which Matt does in spades!"

August 8th - Matt Acheson releases 'Monkeyland' on August 8th. Check the MySpace for more.

Head to their record label's site for more

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