Student Protests – Songs To Soundtrack A Riot

It’s all gone a bit apocalyptic at Tory HQ in Millbank, London. The Apathetic Generation (according to absolutely every newspaper column ever) have decided that, actually, it’s not cool that University fees are set to rocket thanks to a financial collapse caused by billionaire bankers, and they’ve duly erupted into protest.

That protest has turned violent. Students have smashed windows, started fires. And who can blame them? It sucks beyond belief to be young in 2010. There are no jobs, and the current generation will spend the rest of their lives paying for the fuck-ups of their elders.

Frankly it’s a wonder this hasn’t happened sooner.

But which songs to listen to while kneeing the establishment in the balls? We’ve written before about how there are no great modern protest songs – but there are plenty of oldies to choose from: ‘Killing In The Name’? ‘White Riot’? Er… ‘Break Stuff’ by Limp Bizkit?

Which songs would you suggest?

21 ferocious protest anthems