Another track for you today to tide you over until Tuesday. I last saw The Aliens at London's Hackney Empire a few years back, and the image of the (at the time) hairy frontman Gordon Anderson breakdancing at the front of the stage in a hoodie like an oversized Ewok will stay with me for some time.

The Aliens

It was around the time we made the excellent 'Alienoid Starmonica EP' Track(s) Of The Week. 'The Sunlamp Show' is another slice of psychedelic summer pop, and while it's not quite as good as the 'AS' EP, it still does that mid-song change of scene type thing and keeps true to the Aliens manifesto (namely "toddling an intoxicated path between two axes - one ranging from Abba to Zimmerman and the other from The Chuckle Brothers to Larry David").

Anyway, Disco Bloodbath are one of those sure fire remix kings, and this nine-minute epic is a hypnotic disco classic. If they play this at their secret London warehouse thing tonight you may well see me doing air piano.

Download the Disco Bloodbath remix of The Aliens' Sunlamp Show here

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