The Best Golden Globes Moment? Adele’s Raw Acceptance Speech

Adele’s Golden Globe acceptance speech is worth watching, if you haven’t seen it already. She won the award (that’s surely a tautology by now?) for the ‘Skyfall’ theme tune, one of the five blockbusters nominated. After a montage of explosions, stars and stripes and cheesy voiceovers, J-Lo, dressed in but a doily, announces Adele as the winner. She high-fives Daniel Craig and heads to the stage.


“Ahhh maaaai gaaaaaad, aih mai gaaad!!!!!!!” she guffaws theatrically to the crowd, like a pantomine dame on nitrous oxide, puncturing the staid pomposity of Hollywood. She could teach Jennifer Lopez a lesson in being real.

“I’ve come for a night out with my friend Ida. We’re new mums. We’re literally here for a night out”. “How darling,” thinks a simpering Nicole Kidman. “Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your world for a night. It’s amazing. We’ve been pissing ourselves laughing at all of you”. Jon Bon Jovi’s fluorescent teeth glint.

And with that, everyone dreams of being her friend, heading down the pub to be near her disarming charm and straight-talk. Apart from Taylor Swift, who couldn’t quite conceal her disappointment in losing.


Adele picks up Golden Globe award for ‘Skyfall’ soundtrack