Not since Nicki Minaj’s guest verse on Kanye West’s ‘Monster’ has an artist been so extravagantly upstaged as Big Sean by Kendrick Lamar in today’s ‘Control‘. K-Dot, from Compton, California, uses the track as a platform to audaciously lay it down and proclaim himself King Of New York, ‘juggling’ both coasts. He calls out a bunch of hip-hop’s big guns – Drake, J. Cole, Tyler, The Creator, A$AP Rocky – baiting them to raise their game.

Twitter is in a neurotic frenzy, like a playing field at team-picking time. Certain names are absent – Joey Bada$$, Danny Brown, Action Bronson. Bada$$ tweeted ‘NY yall got me?’, but that didn’t go down very well so he tracked it back. Even hip-hop heavyweights P Diddy, Talib Kweli and Joe Budden have weighed in. It’s a beast of a verse and here are some of the funniest reactions.

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