The Charlatans' new album 'Who We Touch' is out this week (6 September), and will be followed by the single 'My Foolish Pride' on September 20.

Here, frontman Tim Burgess reveals the ten records that inspired the album

1. Psychic TV - Godstar
What could be more inspirational than Genesis P-Orridge singing about his love for Brian Jones? A great single from 1985 and the opening track from the classic album 'Allegory And Self'.

2. The Beach Boys - Surfer Moon
My favourite Beach Boys song of all time! Reminds me of a full moon shining down on the ocean – I feel this song really sums up my personality: adventurous and melancholic.

3. David Bowie - Sound And Vision
The lyrics from this song inspired the lyrics to 'Your Pure Soul' - the idea of being in a room waiting for something inspiring to happen. "I will sit right down waiting for the gift of sound and vision".

The Charlatans' V Festival photo diary

4. The Chills - Rolling Moon
Beautiful 7” single from the 80s New Zealand psyches. I always DJ this back to back with Wire’s 'Outdoor Miner'. My main inspiration for 'Love Is Ending', along with Dinosaur Jnr’s 'Freak Scene' and MBV, 'Thorn'.

5. D.A.F – Kebab Traume
Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft incredibly sexy 1980 single a really big one to play out/DJ Meaty Dreams indeed

6. Tami Lynn - I'm Gonna Run Away From You'
Last Christmas I was dancing to this song, casually singing the words "My foolish pride’ instead of "I lost my pride"... anyway, it kinda stuck. A banging northern soul song anyway.

The Charlatans, 'Love Is Ending' - download a free remix by The Horrors
7. Nirvana - Penny Royal Tea
Again a lyrical (and also sonic) inspiration for the album, especially for 'Your Pure Soul'. I went on a bit of a 90’s grunge trip after watching Sonic Youth on my birthday last year. I love Kim Gordon.

8. Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me'
I love 'Empires And Dance'-era Simple Minds, but then last year the band got a little obsessed with the movie The Breakfast Club. The soundtrack for this album is awesome, the clothes, and the era… so good!

9. Marc And The Mambas - Untitled
I can only imagine how cool it must’ve been to be hanging around with Marc Almond in NYC in the early 80's, along with Jim Thirwell, Genesis P Orridge and Matt Johnson... such total debauchery. Plus, everyone looked so hot!

10. Michael Trommer - February Lakes
Incredible electronic/ambient record that I discovered recently, along with Brian Eno’s 'Music For Airports' - very inspirational for the end section of 'Who We Touch'.

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