The Clash – Celebrity Playlist

This week’s NME, a digital version of which you can order here, boasts a 16-page pullout section devoted to The Clash. Here, the great and good (and Shaun Ryder) compile the ultimate Clash CD

The Clash

(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream: “This song reminded people what a horrible, racist country 70’s Britain was. The Clash’s music was a force for good.”
Frank Turner: “It’s such a rousing call to arms but still lo-fi, righteous, ragged and anthemic.”

Death Or Glory
Kate Nash: “It’s a real fists-in-the-air song – it really gets the engine going. I love what the lyrics are about, and it it’s got such a punk attitude.”

The Guns Of Brixton
Alan Donohue, The Rakes: “I remember hearing Beats International’s ‘Dub Be Good To Me’, which samples the song, and I didn’t realise it was a Clash song at the time. I went out to a club in Old Street with our bassist, Jamie once, and they played it and someone said ‘do you know who this is?’ I was like ‘yeah, it’s Beats International.’ God I felt stupid.”

This Is Radio Clash
Chris Shiflett, Foo Fighters: “They used to play this on MTV all the time when I was a little kid – I must have been about ten ­ but because I was really into Kiss and Black Sabbath, I thought, ‘this stuff sucks’. I was wrong. Lyrically and politically, this song brought it all to me. Musically, it was such a blend of things that were going on at that time, and it still sounds modern today.”

The Clash

Paul Weller: “I like that it’s only one minute and 40 seconds or whatever. I was really impressed with that, how powerful and short it was…”

The Magnificent Seven
John McClure, Reverend & The Makers: “I first heard this when I was twelve because there was this guy down our road who used to make these amazing tapes. This is fantastic ­ it mixes up funk and really early electronics, and it’s got an irresistible Simonon groove.”

Washington Bullets
Craig Finn: “I heard it when I was in eighth grade, and it coincided with me first going out and getting into independent music, going to rock shows and taking the bus down to town this song is really very evocative of those times for me.”

A photo tribute to The Clash

Bank Robber
Shaun Ryder, Happy Mondays: “That’s a good one. It¹s a cool track – you don’t need me talking bollocks about it – it’s just a cool track.”

Lost In The Supermarket
James Johnston, Biffy Clyro: “They were a band born out of such passion and energy – this isn’t their most popular or well-known song, but simply one that reminds of when I first heard The Clash – a moment I will truly savour for a long time to come.”

Straight To Hell
Tim Wheeler, Ash: “I just saw The Pogues play in New York, and ‘Straight To Hell’ was their intro music when they came on stage. It¹s got such a dark, menacing feel to it. It¹s a great song.”

London Calling
Matt Bowman, The Pigeon Detectives: “They were a lot closer to The Beatles than the Sex Pistols, with their melodies and guitar riffs as opposed to just thrashing at chords – this song sums up everything that’s great about them.”

London’s Burning
Steve Diggle, The Buzzcocks: “I’d much rather have been in The Clash than the Buzzcocks. This song is like the rebirth of rock and roll through a punk perspective.”

White Riot
Laura-Mary Carter, Blood Red Shoes: “Weirdly, both Steven and I had done covers of ‘White Riot’ in our different teenage bands, and listening to The Clash turned me on to more political bands like Gang Of Four, The Pop Group, Fugazi and Crass.”

The Clash – bands pay tribute

Clash City Rockers
Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth: “This was the song that actually made you feel part of the band. The fact they used their name in a song ­ like Bo Diddley used to ­ was very exciting back then.”

Complete Control
Liam Watts, The Enemy: “This is about resenting all these management people saying ‘do this, do that’. The Clash were better than that – they kept together and said ‘you can’t fuck with us!”

The Street Parade
Mick Jones, The Clash: “This is one of my all time favourites – it really reminds me of us in New York; me and Joe just walking around, looking at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Fifth Avenue. It holds lots of memories for me.”

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