In honour of the current new bands issue of NME - and in particular the feature on Magnetic Man and how dubstep is set to take over the world in 2010 - here's the inaugural (and probably last) Daily Download Dubstep Downloads Awards. Each track clicks through to a free download (some hosted by NME, some by third parties - all working at time of writing).

Best Original Dubstep Tracks

Skream - 'Midnight Request Line'

Joker - 'Digidesign'

Ital Tek - 'Archaic'

Joker - 'Solid State'

Skream - 'Calous'
Caspa - 'Lion's Roar'

Best Dubstep Remixes

Toddla T - 'Rebel (Skream Remix)
Miike Snow - 'Black And Blue (Caspa Remix)'
Little Boots - 'Remedy (Rusko Remix)
Zero 7 - 'Everything Up (Zizou) - Joker & Ginz Remix

Skream - 'Midnight Request Line (Zinc Remix)'

Most Dubstep-By-Numbers Remix
The Prodigy - 'Take Me To The Hospital (Benga Remix)'

Best Dubstep With Bass So Big Your Headphones Jump Off Your Head

Skream & Benga - 'Trapped In A Dark Bubble'

Joker & Ginz - 'Purple City'

Best Crossover Dubstep Hit
La Roux - 'In For The Kill (Skream Remix)'

Best (Only?) Hook-Up Between Dubstep And Folktronica
Four Tet & Burial - 'Moth'

Best Use Of Dubstep For Comedy Purposes

The Snowman - 'Walking In The Air (Dubstep Remix)'

16 Bit - 'Funhouse'

Snoop Dogg - 'Snoop Dogg Millionaire'

Best Use Of Dubstep To Patch Up A Questionable Artist
Sean Paul - 'So Fine (Joker Remix)'

Best Dubstep Track That Doesn't Seem To Be Available For Free Download Legally But Is Worth Paying For
Vex'd - Killing Floor

What did we miss? Send us more categories / tips and we'll add them to the post.

NB, there's a fair amount of decent dubstep you just can't find on the blogs, so if you're into any of this go get 12"s from the likes of Horsepower, Digital Mystikz, the 5 Years Of Hyperdub album and go from there...

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