The Frequency & Ikons – Free Space/Kraut/Stoner MP3 Downloads

When I posted a sprawling 17 minute track from relatively unknown LA psychedelic beatniks The Frequency last October I didn’t think many people would pick up on it. Turns out I was massively wrong – you loved it, and for once the variety of positive comments didn’t come from the same IP address (we have your numbers, PRs and eager bands, literally). The track, ‘Ego Is The Drug / 3AM’ is still up there for download, and the band generously sent us a few more from their album ‘Absence Of Giants’.

‘Love Is One’ clocks in at a not-too-shabby 11minutes (it’s actually split into four parts on the LP which is always a good sign, the more suites the better) but they’ve melded into onto one download while the second, ‘Carbon People’, crops up later in the album.

Both are sunshiney rays of mellow joy.

The Frequency

Download the full version of The Frequency‘s Love Is One

Download The Frequency‘s Carbon People

Keeping on the same tip, Ikons. What do you need to know about them? Their press release begins “an existential and cosmic odyssey. A transcendental adventure…”, which is all I need to know. But if you want more, they’re from Gothenburg, purvey unhurried dreamy kraut, supported Spiritualized in Scandanavia last year, released their self-titled debut album last week, and look like this:


Download IkonsSlow Light