The Goldheart Assembly – Wolves And Thieves – Free MP3

OK, I’m going to just go ahead and throw out the f words now – the nice, quick, obvious comparison which will either reel you in slobbering or have you reeling (and yes, quite possibly flobbing) – Fleet Foxes.

The Goldheart Assembly

If you mentioned the name to The Goldheart Assembly you’d probably be letting yourself in for 15 minutes of discourse on their wide-ranging and unexpected influences, but they’ve undeniably been reading their Uncuts and jumping through all the right rural, trad, quirky folk-rock hoops. Equipment is duly knackered, dusty and close to flatlining; they boast a 50% beard count between them; percussion comes from teacups ‘n’ spoons and old doors. In sessions that would make Bon Iver blush, they recorded their album in a country house with no electricity or lights, with extra bits done in a steam train museum in Norfolk. Did I mention these two met as fellow Whipsnade zookeepers?

This track is out later this month on Heron Recordings – details on their MySpace.

Download The Goldheart Assembly‘s Wolves And Thieves here

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