The Harlem Shake – Post-Mortem Of A Video Craze

One day we will look back at ‘Harlem Shake’ as the moment the pop charts changed forever. It hit number one just as the Billboard chart added YouTube streaming data to their criteria, alongside sales, radio airplay and digital streaming, marking the first time a viral video reliant on user-generated versions overtook traditional song, and entertainment unequivocally trumped music.

The Official UK Singles Chart has revealed that there are no plans to follow the controversial move but I fear it’s only a matter of time. Baauer’s viral smash isn’t a song, it’s a meme, and, as much as there’s a ton of dross in the charts, it should be a place for tunes. Is nothing sacred?

Anyway, this infographic postmortem of the craze made by YTD is pretty cool.

Harlem Shake Infographic