The Mae Shi – Free Christian Bale-inspired MP3

So Christian Bale’s fuck-filled outburst on the set of ‘Terminator: Salvation’ last year has had the world endlessy arguing if the guy is the biggest dick since Ike Turner or merely a highly charged and uber-dedicated actor determined to uphold ‘The Terminator’ franchise’s impeccable stature.

Either way, it’s irrelevant because a) he has the best transatlantic Amerenglish nomad hybrid accent since ‘The Wire’s McNulty at the start of Season One/Tim Roth in ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and b) the real villain in this whole saga is celeb soundbite leech and beat-abuser RevoLucian.

The unsigned (for a reason) LA DJ took time out from producing Perez Hilton’s clap-happy tribute to STDs ‘The Clap’ (sample lyric: “Smelly whores on the shore love to take it on all fours/Dirty sluts in the club want to get their crotches rubbed”) and RuPaul’s (Ru-fucking Paul!) album ‘Drag Race’ to splice together the tirade over some really crass techno.

And he’s getting 200,000 hits a day from it. And while they’re there people are investigating the rest of his ourvre, ‘Sarah Palin Remixed’, ‘Winehouse Remix’ and the Bill O’Reilly-featuring ‘Fuck It’ (actually, props on that last one), posing the risk he’ll actually get successful from this.

Thank fuck then for The Mae Shi, who instead wrapped the fucks around an actual song (albeit one pretty much nicked from Eurythmics).

The Mae Shi

Christian Bale’s Wikipedia entry says he’s been a vegetarian since reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’ at the age of six – now that’s a sensitive soul surely.

Download The Mae Shi‘s R U Professional here

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