The Music’s Rob Harvey: ‘Why We’re Splitting Up’

Last week Leeds baggy-boys The Music announced that they’re splitting up this summer, ending a 10-year career with two UK farewell gigs.

So far the band have remained tight-lipped on why they were calling a day, but singer Rob Harvey agreed to answer a few NME.COM users’ tweet questions. We didn’t get reams back from him, but here’s what he had to say:

The Music. Rob’s the blue one

@Johnmcclure (John McClure, Reverend And The Makers): How come your splitting up, man? Your band’s boss and a lot better than fuckin’ Brother…

Rob: “I quit because I wasn’t enjoying it. Needed a new challenge. Hope you’re good. Love your sister’s work as well as yours.”

@nsaber: What’s next for everyone?
“I think new projects for Nutter and Phil. Not sure about Stu. I’m not sure if I want to stay in music.”

@Jamestyas: How will you make a living now that The Music have finally split?
“I’d like to get into NLP [Neuro-linguistic programming] and help people achieve their goals. Its a good feeling.”

@Danjones655: Will you be pulling out the b-sides for the last show?
“I’d love to get as many in as possible. The rehearsals don’t start until May. I’d love to play ‘Karma’.”

@Iamshadowmoses: How did you get so good at dancing?
“Very kind of you. I used to want to dance like Michael Jackson but somewhere it went wrong.”

@manmattan: Any chance you could play Aberdeen?
“I’m gutted about Scotland and we’re thinking about trying to organise a show.”

So there you go. The Music, we salute you as you ‘Take The Long Road And Walk It’. Ahem.

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