The Obsessive Joy Of Collecting Gig Ticket Stubs: NME Readers Share Their Favourites

Usually, admitting to obsessively hoarding tiny, grotty pieces of paper, lager-splattered and moth-ridden from sitting in a box in your wardrobe for 15 years, would have alarm bells ringing among your friends and loved ones. Not so for music fans, for whom hanging on to gig tickets is a hallowed ritual. Every ticket stub tells a story. The sweaty pilgrimage to the venue. The greasy post-gig kebab you came to regret. The night the support act you’d never heard of before became your new favourite band. The great gigs and the bitter disappointments. I’ve got a stash at home, and so do most of you, judging by the massive response to our shout-out on Twitter at the weekend for stubs you’d rush to save in a house fire. It’s an obsession that’ll probably soon fade out as e-tickets become more and more the norm – let’s face it, a plain A4 print-out with a barcode on doesn’t quite look the same pinned to your bedroom wall. Till then, here’s a selection of NME readers’ collections and most prized ticket stubs. Got your own you want to share? Tweet us your favourite ticket stubs and its story.