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The Sexual Wisdom Of Andrew WK - Part Two

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Posted on 04 Aug 10


'Party Hard' star Andrew WK has turned sexpert for a new book. Here, in the second instalment of his NME sex column, he talks Viagra, positions and lacy underwear

Lingerie can accentuate the female form
I like garter belts. I like things that make the thighs and hindquarters enhanced to squeeze and pinch in those areas where the flesh is really tender. You can see the lace or the elastic making an imprint and creating an indentation. Lingerie that really creates nice indentations, that’s what I’m looking for.

Certain positions work better than others
For me, the position that always makes my partner go crazy is the... reverse. I don’t really like the word doggy-style but that’s the way most people refer to it. From behind, every time, with every girl.

Keep the volume down
I like being very quiet. I always thought that was pretty cool. I’ve had girls that are more vocal and that can be great, but I also like girls when they’ve been very quiet because you end up hearing other things. When you’re not screaming or vocalising, there’s endless sounds in a way to focus on.

I’ve had people where I swear they’ve been trying to be really loud so other people would hear them and that would be a turn-on for them. I thought that was really inconsiderate. Clearly they were getting off on that idea, but I found it very invasive and very aggressive in sort of a disturbing way.

Viagra? Why not
I’m a younger man still and I’ve not gone down the road of Viagra, but I’ve had friends who have been heavy into cocaine for example (another thing that I’ve not really done a lot of) and that supposedly makes it very hard sometimes to be aroused. So they have this whole routine: they go out every night (because you can in New York) and drink until four or five in the morning, do a bunch of cocaine with some girl, then take Viagra and have sex.

That just sounded really amazing to me, really great, but I’ve never done that. Something also about Viagra sounds a little scary. My friend who took it - he’s much older than I am and has a wife and he said that it was a little crazy because after five hours, it’s not only that you’re still aroused but you’re mentally aroused too. You want to still have sex. That sounds like a good thing if you can set aside a whole day; take Viagra even if you’re by yourself, have a great time.

Extracted from Sex Tips From Rock Stars: In Their Own Words, by Paul Miles (Omnibus Press)


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