The Shoes Vs Primary 1 – Ho Lord – Free MP3

Another Daily Download exclusive for you, this time the forthcoming joint single from The Shoes & Primary 1. It’s out April 9 on 50 Bones, so if you like this go get the CD – the B-side’s well worth it.

First though, I want to give Plugs some love. They put on quite a show for an 8pm ICA crowd last night, a kind of space age lounge jazz disco with prog freakout interludes and Morgan tap-dancing over a board of pedals. YouTube doesn’t do them justice right now, so I’ll just say listen to THIS and go see soon. I’ve got their new single here and I’m itching to give it out – watch this space…

Anyway, The Shoes.

The Shoes

The Shoes and Primary 1 have been fondling each others parts for a while now; here’s a brief history:

The Shoes unleash the lessons-learnt-from-Rocky dance uppercut of ‘Knock Out’, which is immediately imprinted on a million (or maybe just my) gym iPod.

Primary 1 counters with his “soft hook” version.

The Shoes respond with a devastating jab to the solar plexus of Primary 1’s ‘Hold Me Down’.

Now they’ve called it quits and for the sake of extended boxing metaphors they’ve engaged in a post match man-hug. Et voila:

Download The Shoes Vs Primary 1‘s Ho Lord here

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