When he's not spying on swans or stroking badgers, it seems that BBC host Chris Packham's been slipping The Smiths' song titles into his presenting patter on TV's Springwatch (nope - us neither) show. And if that wasn't reason enough to like the guy, apparently he does it just to annoy Bill Oddie.

Which is a pretty good reason to do just about anything.

Watch the compilation video below, with clips snatched from across the series, and see how many you can spot. There are 32 included, with the answers posted if you scroll down.

The Answers:

1. Hand In Glove
2. What Difference Does It Make
3. Handsome Devil
4. Frankly Mr Shankly
5. You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby
6. Vicar In A Tutu
7. Bigmouth Strikes Again
8. The Queen Is Dead
9. Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before
10. Still Ill
11. Sweet And Tender Hooligan
12. Oscillate Wildly
13. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
14. This Charming Man
15. Ask
16. Well I Wonder
17. Asleep
18. Cemetery Gates
19. Nowhere Fast
20. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
21. Fantastic Bird (Morrissey song)
22. Unloveable
23. Sheila Take A Bow
24. I Know It's Over
25. William, It Was Really Nothing,
26. I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
27. Paint a Vulgar Picture
28. These Things Take Time
29. Headmaster Ritual
30. Is It Really So Strange?
31. Girlfriend in a Coma (by Kate)
32. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Feel free to post any Smiths/Springwatch related pun-based song titles below. I proffer 'This Charming Water Boatman' and 'Girlfriend In A Cormorant' to start things off. Surely you can do better...

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