The Word’s Greatest Musical Moments

This weekend signaled the 20th anniversary of the first broadcast episode of The Word, arguably the greatest countercultural magazine show ever.

It had it all: a great sense of humour, balls, sauce, an ability to engage with politics without making you want to gouge your eyes out, groundbreaking performances from some of the most exciting artists of our time, and most of, bare-chested men in leather jerkins and stripey trousers pumping their fists no matter how inappropriate the soundtrack.

As a distraction from lamenting the complete lack of anything even approaching similar turf in over ten years, we thought we’d have a recap of some of its most landmark musical moments.

Oasis’s first TV appearance.

‘Hammer’ mid gangsta reinvention with Mark Lamarr.

Rage playing ‘Killing In The Name’.

Donita Sparks from L7 getting her muff out.

Nirvana playing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and Kurt being a bit embarrassing about Courtney Love.

The Las playing ‘There She Goes’.

Supergrass playing ‘Mansize Rooster’ and looking like nine years old.

Oliver Reed doing ‘Wild Thing’.

Blur playing ‘Popscene’.

Cypress Hill playing ‘Insane In The Brain’.

Snoop playing ‘Gin And Juice’.

Snoop meeting Emu.

Sleeper playing ‘In Betweener’.

Primal Scream playing ‘Rocks’.

Sepultura playing ‘Refuse/Resist’.

Reel 2 Reel playing ‘Move It’.

Huggy Bear playing ‘Her Jazz’.