Here’s Theresa May’s “strong and stable” mantra reimagined in a ‘Family Guy’ scene

It's a bleak but hilarious comparison

How does Theresa May take her coffee? Strong and stable. When browsing IKEA, what’s the first quality Theresa May looks for in a chair? Strong and stable. When Theresa May has a headache, what kind of painkiller does she– oh, you get the gist.

Ten months on from the EU referendum, we’re no closer to knowing what Brexit actually means. Instead of clarifying the future of the country, our PM has a habit of dishing out abstract riddles. “Brexit means Brexit”. Ok yes, obviously. “Brexit will be a red, white and blue Brexit.” Right… “This will be a strong and stable Brexit.” What does any of this mean? And how has she somehow given the impression of being a steady pair of hands to lead Britain through its impending isolationist disaster?

Starved of any actual policies, Tory voters are still buying into her weird, repetitive rhetoric. And someone has brilliantly compared her “strong and stable” promises with a Family Guy scene.

The original scene finds Lois running for mayor of Quahog. During a mayoral debate, she first gives detailed plans about the future of the city, but the crowd grows quickly bored. She soon realises that by dumbing down her words and simply saying the words “Jesus” and “terrorists”, she’s able to win people over. Sound familiar?

Seeing May’s nonsensical catchphrase superimposed onto Lois’ false promises makes for a tragic but very funny comparison. Each time she guarantees a “strong and stable” future for our country, it’s code for “I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen, sorry.” It’s like a scene from The Thick Of It, only it’s heartbreakingly real. Not to worry – for every bleak realisation of May’s dominance in politics, there’s always a trusty meme to save the day.