Anthony Kiedis has been spotted in a field in Barnsley. No, wait, that's not right. But you can understand the confusion: this equine dandy, known among locals as a "hipster horse", has been garnering attention for his artfully crimped hair and well-groomed moustache. Some have even noted a striking resemblance to the Red Hot Chili Peppers singer.

The snap above was posted by Sam Wilson, Barnsley College programme manager for music, media and performance, who has said: "I thought the hairstyle was really striking, like something from a rock band... [the students] all call it the hipster horse or the steampunk pony. It's got such a distinctive look.'I'd love to know who grooms it because it's a really beautiful animal, but I never see any humans down there interacting with it. At college we hold the horse up as an example of taking pride in your appearance. The students are big fans."

Actually, the horse in question looks to be an Irish Cob, a breed that's naturally blessed with long, lustrous manes and hair that covers their hooves. Still, no denying this one looks particularly sassy, so there's no wonder it's captured the internet's imagination. When it's playing the Super Bowl half-time show, you saw it here first.

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