The folks behind The Simpsons are basically fortune tellers. The financial crisis in Greece at present has rumbled on, hogging headlines for a few weeks now, but the long-running US show saw things going awry there years ago: just witness this small, subtle gag in 2013 episode ‘Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson’. As Springfield’s most loveable buffoon is being interviewed on TV, a news ticker flashes on the screen below with the headline: “Europe puts Greece on eBay.”

Uncanny stuff. But such prophecies are a regular fixture on The Simpsons, it turns out. Here’s each of their surreal gags to have come true in real life so far across its 26 year lifespan – ranked in order of craziness…

11. The Rolling Stones to keep on rocking into old age

In the 1995 episode ‘Lisa’s Wedding’, set in the future, her fiancee has a poster in her room claiming that The Rolling Stones will still be on tour in 2010 on “The Steel Wheelchair Tour.” The same episode, by the way, sees characters communicate via snazzy electronic watches. Wherever might Apple have got their idea from…

10. Three-eyed fish

In a 1990 episode, Bart catches a mutated, three-eyed fish in the local river – a nod to the pollutant effects of the town’s nuclear power plant. Over 20 years later, in 2011, a real-life fish – and practically a dead-ringer for its cartoon counterpart – was discovered in an Argentinian reservoir located near a nuclear facility.

Bart Catches a Three Eyed Fish

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8. Grease theft

One 1998 episode centred around Homer and Bart’s racket reselling cooking oil – a crime that seems daft on the surface, but was reported as becoming a real life crime caper some 10 years later.

Homer excited about grease

Homer and Bart attempt to steal Groundskeeper Willie’s retirement grease

7. Tigers fighting back

In 1993, they lampooned magicians Siegfried and Roy in a set-piece that saw them mauled by their co-star tiger, only for it to happen for real in 2003. Definitely the most tragic of the Simpsons’ gags-turned-prophecies.

6. Rigged voting machines

Their 2008 gag about rigged voting machines which counted votes for the Republican party even when citizens chose Obama seemed spookily dead-on when several people complained about the exact same problem in the 2012 election.

The Simpsons – Electronic Voting

Homer’s vote for Obama magically changes to McCain. S20:Ep4.

6. Giant mutated tomatoes

Remember the giant addictive vegetables spawned on the family’s adopted farm in 1999 episode ‘E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)’ when Homer poisons his crops with tobacco? Yep, that too, has since happened in real life, with giant deformed tomatoes popping up around a nuclear plant in Japan.

Homer’s Addictive ToMacco

The Simpson’s tomatoes turned out to mix with the tobacco seeds. Chief Wiggum and Ralph buy it as it’s very addictive.

5. Robotic librarians

Another highlight from ‘Lisa’s Wedding’, here, as Lisa’s college librarian turns out to be an android (and one who violently bursts into flames, too). There haven’t been any blown circuit board disasters in Chicago yet but, in 2011, it was announced that the city’s new Joe and Rika Mansueto Library would have robotic librarians who’d helpfully retrieve books for you.

The Simpsons Lisa meets her future husband

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4. The 2013 horse meat scandal

In 1994, Springfield Elementary school was hiding a shady secret: the secret ingredient in its cafeteria dinners was horse meat. Sound familiar? Of course it does: nearly 20 years later, it turned out loads of us were scoffing equine-based burgers without even realising it. Which leads us nicely to…

3. Hamburger earmuffs

Madcap scientist Professor Fink stumbled upon a new wacky invention in 1998, when he pioneered the world’s first pair of hamburger earmuffs. Sounds daft, doesn’t it? No-one would ever want some, would they? Think again.

2. Bloody Autocorrect and the iPhone

Not only were The Simpsons lot au fair with the perils of Autocorrect long before it started infuriating smartphone users the world over, but a bunch of employees at Apple revealed that the one-off joke about keyboard functions helped motivate them to create the iPhone. The Simpsons writers called the device a ‘Newton’.

[영어]macTV Show #109 The Simpsons Newton Reference

macTV Show #109 The Simpsons Newton Reference Apple에 관한 더 많은 정보는 아래 링크에서.. //

1. President Trump
The Simpsons writers predicted Donald Trump would become president back in 2000. The episode, ‘Bart To The Future’, envisions the futures of Bart and Lisa Simpson. The latter, with an uncanny resemblance to Hillary Clinton, has become the first female president of the United States. “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump,” she says to her advisors. They then inform her that her predecessor has bankrupt the country.

The Simpsons – President Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson is the first female President of the United States. She inherited a serious budget crisis from her predecessor, Donald Trump. Watch THE SIMPSONS on Fox! From: The Simpsons Season 11 – Bart to the Future The Simpsons – President Lisa Simpson | H.J. Simpson //