Tommy Sparks – Cuban Bars And Sequins


Wolverhampton we salute you !

We arrive at 13.30 and check into the hotel called the Britannia. It looks nice at first then I get to my room… it’s a proper “I just need a room for a couple of hours with this here lady” kind of vibe (nice).

The show isn’t until 8:45pm so we have a few hours to kill and what better way to do that then to take a stroll around town. There’s a lot of Weatherspoons pubs where the hotel is and a lot of drunk people. I navigate through the terrain with the help of Sam (my guitarist). We are looking for a haberdashery shop to buy some sequins and iron diamonte for our stage outfits because that’s how we roll. We find a shop and the lady makes us buy loads of stuff that isn’t that cool at all but she was nice so we felt obliged to purchase the glittery butterfly.

We kill a few hours and now it’s time for soundcheck. This is the last show so the soundcheck is pretty smooth by now – it goes quickly which means that we have a few hours to get ready for the show and a few hours to sit around. Aah man there’s so much time to kill on the road… no wonder a lot of musicians just get pissed all the time! And since this is the last day it would be rude for us not to join in and do a quick bar crawl before the show. The Wolves have just played so the pubs are heaving (not in a good way.) We find a Cuban bar and get to work, and we reminisce and talk about how the tour has been. We’ve had a wicked time and the Bloc Party crowds have been really warm and receptive to us which has made it all worth while. We were slightly worried, being more of a pop act, but the Bloc audience is a very open and a very mixed crowd which makes them interesting and challenging at the same time.

We head back for the last show and we start our pre-show ‘Dance Hour’ as we always do to get into the mood. The boombox is loud and house is on the menu today (pretty much always house or Hip Hop.) Minh, Sal, Tom, Sam and I have had a wicked time but the romance is over for now. We can’t wait to get back on it again soon.

Much Love, Tommy Sparks.