Tommy Sparks – Emmerdale Revelations And Karaoke

Hello all.

This is the tour of good vibes, so no negative feelings allowed. Went to a karaoke bar the other night and sang the lamest songs ever. Matt Tong came out to the karaoke bar and spilt loads of red wine over himself but it kinda just looked like tie dye.

Awesome crowd in Glasgow. I drilled a hole in my guitar to fix it and it finally works again, phew. And I’ve realised I love R Kelly, especially ‘Ignition’. Sam Harvey (who plays guitar for me) is such a wicked and open guy… he did some crazy stuff last night that really impressed me.


Anyway, sorry about the ramble folks. Check out the latest video diary below, from the Manchester shows, featuring some unmissable revelations about ‘Emmerdale‘.

Much Love. TS.