Underworld, Data Romance, Disclosure – Free MP3s

Here are a few Tuesday afternoon freebies for you lot.

The first item on offer is a rework of Underworld‘s excellently-titled track, ‘Diamond Jigsaw’ (from the band’s sixth album, ‘Barking’). Underworld’s new EP, which was released yesterday, features remixes of the song from The Invisible, Jacob Plant and Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield. We’ve been given the latter (which happens to also be Bradfield’s first recording since releasing the Manic’s album ‘Postcards From A Young Man’) as an exclusive free download.


Download James Dean Bradfield’s Underworld remix here

Next up is a musical freebie from electro duo Data Romance. Think a smoother, airier Canadian version of Sleigh Bells – but just as badass and cool. Here’s a taster from their four-track debut EP (with a full-length due out in Winter 2011).

Member Ajay Bhattacharyy says he wants to “take the pop format, push boundaries, and fuck it up – but with a voice over it that people can relate to.” Listen to their track ‘The Deep’ below, and find out just hot much they fucked with the pop format.

Data Romance

Download Data Romance’s ‘The Deep’ here

Finally, here’s an exclusive one from south London’s Disclosure. Two brothers (only 16 and 19 years old) work from their home studio to create their own soft dubstep sound. The duo will be releasing a double A-side single for ‘Carnival’ and ‘I Love That You Know’ on June 13th via Transparent. Grab ‘I Love That You Know’, their second official single, below.


Download Disclosure’s ‘I Love That You Know’ here