Helsinki-based electro-pop duo Villa Nah have remixed 'If You Want It', the first single from OMD's new album, 'History Of Modern'. The single, which will be released on September 6th through 100% Records, will include this remix, as well as others from We Have Band, ex Ox Eagle Lion Man, Club Royale, Teeth, French Horn Rebellion, Shy Child and Cold Cave.

Villa Nah

You can download Villa Nah's remix for free, exclusively from NME.com.

Villa Nah will be supporting OMD on the band's upcoming UK tour, starting October 29th. The two acts have come to respect each other and have formed a close working relationship.

"We are really delighted that Villa Nah are joining us on this tour," says OMD's Andy McCluskey. "They have taken the sound of our youth and created a distinctive and personal sound for their own. One of the few really new electronic bands of this Millenium!"

"OMD's records and sound have been a big influence for us," reveal Villa Nah. "A perfect combination of electronic music and classic songwriting. Supporting them on tour is not only a massive honour but also a privilege!"

Download the track here.

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