Vitamin C And Vodka – The Joy Formidable’s Emerge Radar Tour Diary

The Joy Formidable’s lead lady Ritzy Bryan has written up some blogs (and taken some photos) just for, straight from the Emerge NME Radar Tour. Click here for a listing of the remaining tour dates and to purchase tickets.

Birmingham (Day 1): “Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon”
There’s only one conclusion. A bigger van is in order. Squeeze between the banner, the cages, the lights , the siren, oh and a few instruments and we’re off , the bright lights of Birmingham beckon.

Travelling song of the day: Max Tundra and ‘Will Get Fooled Again’. Arrive, unload and spread out the banner, behold it for the first time, it’s beautiful, fucking huge though, get hoisting. Matt sends us this video (below), brilliant, looks familiar.

Meet Flats and Chapel Club, early days but this has the making of a great tour.

Make a new cocktail. Effervescent Vitamin C tab and vodka. Tastes crap.


No time for pre-show warm ups busy approving a mix on Skype. Showtime. Debut ‘My Beerdrunk Soul is Sadder Than a Hundred Dead Christmas Trees’. Lovely to see Birmingham again. A few beers at the bar to celebrate.

Pack up, pack out, stay at Matt’s in Wolverhampton. Feed the chinchilla dried banana chips. Bed, sleep, dream about snails invading the studio, slimy trails on the mixing desk.


Norwich (Day 2): “Oh, I’m looking for my leopard, where can he be”
Early departure, left over rider for breakfast: celery and pickled onion cheese. Celery – a negative food? Discuss.

Travelling song of the day is ‘Girlfriend’ by Phoenix. Reach for some more celery and come across a very large Tegenaria duellica. Lucky I like spiders. Drop him/her off at a layby on the A11.


Norwich our adopted home. Soundcheck. Pictures. More mixing. Gin and tonic with floating grapes and apple, feels a bit Del Boy-ish. Start a new book about the Amazon, dream about this .

Lights down, onstage. Great to be back and a hearty welcome.
Norwich devour our bootleg CDs, encourage people to record their own so we can make Volume 2. Happy, sweaty , backstage with friends, leftover wine& cheese.

Staying with Annie Catwoman “the best promoter in Norwich” – a fact, and we owe a lot to her steadfast support. She also has the best cheeseboard and wine in the fens, marmite cheese, listen to Magoo, must check out Norwich band Brothers – members of The Brownies. Bed, sleep, dream sketchy, something about a bowl of jam.