Warpaint – The Best Live Band You’ll See All Year

So, as numerous friends of mine around the country kept reminding me by way of dumbfounded 2am texts last week (sample: “but… HOW can they be so good?!”), Warpaint have recently been on tour in the UK.

Personally, I’m really glad they’ve been ripping it up. When I first saw them at Brighton’s Great Escape in April – playing the NME Radar stage – they totally blew me away, and judging by the brilliance of their performance last week at London’s Scala, six months on the road has seen them get even better.

Anyway, in celebration of them being on the cover of this week’s NME (on sale from tomorrow), and as a bit of a treat for everyone who’s seemingly going mental for them at present, I thought I’d share some front row/side of stage videos I got of the band from that Great Escape show which have been lying dormant on a USB for months…yeah, sorry about that, timing’s not my strongpoint etc.

And, what the heck, here’s what happened after the gig, when the girls did an a capella version of ‘Billie Holiday’ for a few fans.

And here’s a load of other Warpaint video stuff, including promos and backstage interviews we’ve done.

Stream Warpaint’s debut album ‘The Fool’:

Warpaint, ‘The Fool’ – album review

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