Reading Festival 1992 marked one of the greatest, most memorable moments in Nirvana history, as it ultimately became the band's final UK performance.

Dave Grohl has said since that at the time he believed the show would be the end of his band's career, saying: "We rehearsed [for Reading] once, the night before, and it wasn't good. I really thought, 'This will be a disaster, this will be the end of our career for sure.' And then it turned out to be a wonderful show, and it healed us for a little while."

Clips of nearly all the songs performed at the event have finally surfaced online, and can now be viewed in full below.

The setlist was as follows:
Drain You
In Bloom
Come As You
About A Girl
Lounge Act
More Than a Feeling (Boston cover)
Smells Like Teen Spirit
On A Plain
Negative Creep
Been A Son
All Apologies

Stay Away
Spank Thru
Love Buzz (Shocking Blue cover)
Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover) (Jam by Krist and Dave)
The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang cover)
D-7 (Wipers cover)
Territorial Pissings (Jam (Star Spangled Banner)

Bands discuss their favourite Nirvana tracks:

Nirana's 10 best songs:

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