Watch Royal Blood’s 15-Second Instagram Guides To Songs From Their Chart-Topping Debut Album

How do you write a chart-topping rock record, the biggest-selling of its kind in three years? Royal Blood dropped by the NME office while their scorching debut album was still rocketing towards a remarkable 66,000 copies sold. While they were here, they discussed at length the future of guitar music and the thrill of meeting Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, as well as giving us 15 second guides to tracks from their smash LP. Get a load of the Brighton pair in all their sardonic glory below – this is how you write a chart-topping rock record…

‘Out Of The Black’

‘Come On Over’

‘Figure It Out’

‘You Can Be So Cruel’

‘Blood Hands’

‘Little Monster’

‘Loose Change’


‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’