Watch The Libertines Reunion Press Conference And Comeback Gig In Full

So The Libertines reformed in London last night. Properly, on stage, with guitars and everything. Was the chemistry still there? Take a look for yourself – we got the whole thing on video (scroll down to the bottom of the page if you want to skip straight to the gig).

Playing to a room full of press, most of whom it’s safe to say don’t really get what the fuss is all about, was just about the furthest away from the way from the ‘Libertines way’ there is (ie. playing a squat in Whitechapel to a load of kids who found out on a messageboard). But…it happened.

Here’s the somewhat lackadaisical scene just before Pete, Carl, John and Gary took to the stage for their big return and press conference:

In the press conference video above the band talk about how much money they’ve reformed for (£1.2 million, apparently), whether they’ll write new songs (yes, probably), and whether Gary Powell did actually drum for Eddy Grant or not (we’re not telling, you’ll have to watch). Some other notable moments you might wanna look out for are:

4 mins – a great riposte from Pete when asked a snidey question about the band reforming for the cash and cash only.

14 mins – Pete and Carl burst into song, randomly.

20 mins – hilarious bit where Pete goads Carl to “do an impression of a grasshopper mating”. He refuses, so Pete does it himself.

23 mins – Pete attacks journalist Sean Hamilton of The Sun.

Before we get onto the music itself, here’s a clip of the madness that ensued outside after the gig and press conference. To say its nuts to see one of your favourite bands pounced upon by most of Britain’s key news sources – broadcasting live, in most cases – is something of an understatement. Sky News, ITN, Channel Five, the national papers…pretty much everyone chased the band into the smoking area of the Boogaloo to try and catch a word. I got the following Flip footage from the middle of it all; footage of the band not exactly taking things that seriously…

That clip above shows the band, who’ve just been poached away from a Sky interview (filming live) to one for Channel Five (also live).

Below is the official Five footage of the incident, featuring a very, very pissed off Ian Wright, who was presenting. For what it’s worth, I think Pete probably hates him too. QPR supporter innit.

And finally, here’s the gig that followed the press conference, in its entirety. The band were totally winging it, but as you’ll see, there’s still something special there between Pete and Carl. Watch out for an appearance from band friend ‘the Rabbi’ halfway through too (honestly, only the Libs would have the guts to bring an ageing, pissed Irishman onstage in front of the world’s media to sing a song about “a girl who loves semen…”). You can start looking forward to those comeback shows a-proper now…

Here’s the setlist:

‘Georgia On My Mind’
‘The Good Old Days’
‘Music When The Lights Go Out’
‘Death On The Stairs’
‘Sally Brown’
‘Can’t Stand Me Now’
‘Time For Heroes’

So what do you think of it all? Leave your comments below…