I don't know if you heard, but we've had a bit of snow lately. They could have warned us. Oh wait, they did.

"EXTREME WEATHER WARNING!" roared the Evening Standard last night. "Shoppers stock up on soup, salt and shovels," blared The Guardian, giving the impression that we were headed for a nuclear winter, rather than a blizzard.

Even the usually even-handed BBC went a bit overboard, with this headline:

So it came as some surprise, as I husky-sledged into work this morning, ice-pick slung over my shoulder, that the threatened meteorological cataclysm hadn't come to pass, and it fact the snow in London was little more than a light dusting.

Still, it's an excuse to put your headphones on, make snow-themed playlists and gaze out the window at the falling flakes, savouring the heartbreakingly brief window of time between 'immaculate snowscape' and 'disgusting vista of brown slush'.

Snow has always inspired songwriters, in part because of its association with personal transformation and rebirth – the desire to see the world made miraculously new - but mainly because it tweaks the dormant sense of wonderment in us all that the everyday adult world does its best to crush.

It's a feeling that Charlie English, in his beautifully written book The Snow Tourist, calls "la nostalgie de la neige". Snow makes wide-eyed children of us all.

So which are your favourite snow-related songs? Please, no Snow Patrol. And no Snow either – 'Informer' just doesn't work when you're wearing long-johns. Oh, and JJ72's 'Snow' is one of the worst songs ever written, so you're not having that one either.

Here are a few to get you started – you can listen to them all as a We7 playlist by scrolling to the bottom.

Nick Cave – Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow

Galaxie 500 – Listen, The Snow Is Falling
Here’s Dean and Britta from the band playing it at Sonic Cathedral last November.

Tori Amos – Winter

Glasvegas – A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

Regina Spektor – 20 Years Of Snow

Kings Of Leon – Velvet Snow

Regina Spektor – 20 Years Of Snow

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