What’s The First Album You Ever Bought?

Pop stars. They’re so cool aren’t they?

I mean look at this merry little list of first albums bought. Pixies, The Cure, Nirvana… thank goodness for John Lydon and Metronomy’s Joe Mount who respectively admitted to purchasing Ken Dodd and California Raisins albums.

Luckily, certain factions of the office had some suitably geeky contributions to give us.

Hamish McBain, Associate Editor
“Mine was ‘Achtung Baby’, bought with my hard-earned pot-washing money in Woolworths, Matlock, Derbyshire (to quote Marti DiBergi: “Don’t look for it, it’s not there anymore”). This was largely because I was at that crucial point in life where pop music doesn’t feel “important” enough, and so the very serious ‘The Fly’, ‘Mysterious Ways’ and ‘One’ (“Have you come here to play Jesus/to the lepers in your head”: yup, that’s plenty serious enough) held huge appeal. They’re all great tunes, also, and despite not having much affection for ol’ Bonio and crew, to this day I have to concede that this album – “the U2 album for people who don’t like U2” as many call it – is all killer, no filler. It remains the only U2 album I have ever bought.”


Luke Lewis, NME.COM Editor
“ Pet Shop Boys, ‘Actually’. I was seven, so too young to appreciate that the whole album is a biting satire on Thatcherite turbo-capitalism. And the gay sex references went over my head. But I loved the tunes, and still do. I think it’s one of the best albums of the 80s.”

Pet Shop Boys

Ailbhe Malone, Writer
“The first album I bought was ABBA’s ‘ABBA: Gold’. I must have been about 7- my childminder was bring me home in her car, and ‘Dancing Queen’ came on the radio. I thought it was just magic, and pestered her to tell me the name of the band. The next morning, my mum and I went down to the local Golden Discs to buy it. Still have it. It’s still magic. “


Alan Woodhouse, Senior Sub Editor
Depeche Mode – ‘Some Great Reward’ I was 12, and after years of getting unwanted albums as presents, I finally splashed out on one, mainly because I loved the band’s hit ‘People Are People’. The next single, ‘Master And Servant’, was an explicit S&M anthem. Not sure if my parents realised. I certainly didn’t, though I thought what they were describing sounded fun.

Depeche Mode

Priya Elan, NME.COM Associate Editor
“It was Madonna’s ‘True Blue’. I made the decision to spend my pocket money on that instead of a cuddly toy. It was quite a hard choice but not like, you know, ‘Sophie’s Choice’ hard. I remember listening to it on our crappy car stereo and being silently fascinated by the whistling sound she made at the end of ‘Love Makes The World Go Round’.”


Rick Martin, Writer
“If we’re talking first album I asked for and was bought, it was 2 Unlimited’s ‘No Limits’ in 1993, at the ripe old age of 7. “Techno, techno, techno”. The first album I actually went out and bought was Babylon Zoo’s self-titled debut in 1996 – which still stands up 15 years on, I reckon.”


So… what was the first album you ever bought? Tell us below.

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