When the trailer for White Girl landed in July, it was clear that when the full film arrives later this year, the Helen Lovejoys of the world will be clamouring for everyone to please think of the children. It’s drawn comparisons to 1995’s notorious teen drama Kids and looks set to follow that path admirably. The film is director Elizabeth Wood’s first feature and is set in New York City, starring Homeland’s Morgan Saylor as sophomore college student Leah, who gets into a relationship with a neighbourhood bad boy called Blue and has to flog coke to pay for his lawyer when he gets busted in an undercover sting.

Critics have called it “debauched” and “fearless”, and judging by descriptions of how it relentlessly blasts through scene after shocking scene, it’s going to be quite a ride. In the exclusive clip below, the pace is fairly low-key – we see Blue introduce Leah to his family at first – but then they head into his room to discuss how much coke they’re going to sell, all the while Leah coaxing Blue to do more. It's a crucial moment that appears to set the tone for how things progress in the film.

White Girl is released in US cinemas on September 2, with a UK release to follow at the end of the year.

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