Who Are Your Tips For 2010?

If you’ve seen the new issue you’ll know it’s a new music special, dedicated to the bands we think you’ll love in the coming year – as well as a few tips from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon and The xx.

The Drums: Cover stars of the new issue of NME

For a hands-on accompaniment to the issue, you can download a free mixtape featuring all the bands we’re tipping over on Jaimie Hodgson’s Radar blog.

But how about you? Which bands do you think deserve to make it big in 2010? We’ve made some personal picks of our own to get you started.

James McMahon: For me, 2010 is all about Gaggle – but then most of 2009 was too. 22 women dressed as acid tab monks, singing about crows, throwing their husbands in wells, and being alcoholics. Like Klaxons if they were as good as the interviews suggested they were.

Jamie Fullerton: Is Tropical. The b-side for their last single, ‘Seasick Mutiny’, sounds like Metronomy going mental. Some of them used to live in a squat called Squallyoaks too, I think.
[Download a free Is Tropical MP3]

David Moynihan: I’m enjoying Wolf Gang. ‘Nightflying’ is a great track. Also, Volcano Choir – a band featuring Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and sharing much of his solo album’s gentle charm. They’re not technically a new band, they predate Bon Iver, but I think a lot of people will enjoy discovering them this year. Their song ‘Island, IS’ is beautiful.
[Download a free Wolf Gang MP3]

Tim Chester: For me it’s all about Memory Tapes and Japandroids for 2010. The former pervy blissed-out indietronic gorgeousness, the latter DFA 1979-indebted clatter-punk. Both should be bigger than they currently are.
[Download Memory Tapes‘ ‘Bicycle’]

Luke Lewis: Buzz-wise, The Soft Pack have probably left it too long to release their debut album (out February) – a lot of people were tipping them last year. Which is a shame, because it’s a fabulous record, breathless and punky, but with a precision to the songs that reminds me of Vampire Weekend. As for bands that actually might make it big – I’ll go with Delphic. And maybe Chapel Club.
[Download a free Soft Pack MP3]

Kieran Delaney: Joy Orbison – potentially the most exciting thing for British dance music since… erm… dubstep.

Paul Stokes: Striking and pleasingly sinister, Brighton’s Lyrebirds have picked up the Interpol torch but are bold enough to go their own way. Meanwhile Chapel Club look set to build on last year’s ‘Surfacing’ with a full album that mixes their dark music and lullaby-soft vocals. Finally, I think Goldhawks will attract some positive attention, as not only are they named after a road in my part of London but they’re the most highway-burning, big-sounding new band I’ve ever come across.