Who’d Be In Your Fantasy Supergroup?

This week we learned that Damon Albarn had formed a new band with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, and drummer Tony Allen, who was also involved in another Albarn project, The Good, The Bad & The Queen.

Good old Damon. How other musicians must envy his endless creative energy. He’s always collaborating. You get the impression he couldn’t nip to the cornershop for bog roll without enlisting the guy behind the counter in a loose-limbed Afrobeat collective.

There they’d sit, late into the night, using the bog roll as a drum kit, until they’d come up with an album that hurtled to number one in 14 countries and won an Oscar. He’s just too damn talented, is Damon. It’s not fair on everyone else.

It’s been quite a year for supergroups. Flea himself has been playing shows with Thom Yorke under the name Atoms For Peace, and Them Crooked Vultures have been either thrilling live audiences or boring them into a coma, depending on your tolerance for their brawny old-school riffing.

All of which inspired an office discussion this morning – if you could create a supergroup from musicians alive or dead, who would you recruit?

Me, I’d have a proper soul man on vocals, but one with a light voice, not a belter – maybe Smokey Robinson, or Sam Cooke.

On guitar I’d have ‘Tusk’-era Lindsey Buckingham, because he’d look immaculate, play like the devil, and you could trust him to write all the songs (though you possibly wouldn’t want to hang out with him much).

In terms of drums, I wouldn’t want some virtuoso thunderstick-type. I’ll go for Max Weinberg of the E Street Band. He’s unspectacular, but he seems like a nice enough bloke, and I don’t want the drummer hogging the limelight.

And on bass… I don’t know, who cares about the bass player? That’s why Flea always ends up in these supergroups: no-one can think of any other gifted bassists. But I’ll go with, oh let’s say Peter Hook.

And Bez in the background, gurning.