So I made up a new genre of music the other day. Or at least I didn't, cutesy Baltimore-based loons EAR PWR did, I just came up with the kind of awful, will-never-in-a-million-years-catch-on moniker of ‘tweestep’ to describe portions of the duo’s utterly preposterous debut album 'Super Animal Brothers III'.

To be honest it could have been a more misleading name: take some twee (singer Sarah PWR’s chipper chirruping about, uh, mostly manatees, actually), mix with a sort of PG-13 take on dubstep (woozy, seasick churns of thick electronics), and you have ‘Discover Your Colours’, as delightfully confusing a song as you’re liable to love/hate/be morbidly fascinated with all year.

Sadly there’s no YouTube footage of the song, but you should hopefully be able to make do with this clip for ‘Future Eyes’, which is sadly less tweestep, more (I’m just going to say it) hi-NRG noir.

The reason I am gibbering on about this is that those nice folks at NME.COM wanted me to do an introductory piece for this here Freakscene blog, and I can’t think of a recent band who better embody the type of music I’m aiming to talk about than this heroically impractical duo.

Freakscene isn’t just a lame crib from Dinosaur Jr: it’s a celebration and exploration of the oddball, the interesting, the brave, the heroically over-thought-through and the ‘interesting’ in music of the moment. It is also a lame crib from Dinosaur Jr.

Anyway, EAR PWR will hopefully be touring the UK in a couple of months, probably in partnership with fellow Maryland party starters Future Islands.

When that time comes we’ll hopefully be coming back to them and deal with a series of questions, namely:

1. Why are all Baltimore indie bands so damn happy? Have they not seen The Wire?

2. Are they seriously called Sarah PWR and Devin Booze?

3. What’s with the manatees?

4. Are they not basically taking the piss?

But for now just to say ‘hi’: I am currently sat cross-legged on the floor of a Polish regional airport and people are looking at me angrily; I’ll be back with something more substantial soon.

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