Why Silverchair Will Be Missed

Fightstar’s Charlie Simpson shares his thoughts on Silverchair’s ‘indefinite hibernation

I was very saddened by the news that the Australian trio Silverchair had decided after 20 years of making music together, to call it a day and announce to their fans that they will be going into ‘indefinite hiatus’. This band will always hold a very special place in my heart.


I remember it as if it were yesterday… 1995, switching on MTV aged just 10 years old and watching (what was then MTV’s flagship rock show) the Headbangers Ball and seeing the music video for ‘Pure Massacre’ for the very first time. Soon after that I went out to buy my copy of ‘Frogstomp’ on cassette which was to become one of my favorite records of all time.

Silverchair were also the first band I ever saw live, at the Kentish Town Forum in London. I was 12 years old and I remember I was too young to stand downstairs and so my dad took me up to the balcony to look down on what was to be my first full view of a circle pit. They opened with ‘Slave’, the first song off their second album ‘Freak Show’, which was was by all accounts truly incredible.

The third album to be released by the trio was one that really took the band to another level in my opinion. ‘Neon Ballroom’ was an incredibly written record, filled with grand orchestral wonders the quality of which still blow my mind today when I listen to it, now over 10 years on.

Silverchair are a band who’s sound has progressed in the truest sense of the word and they have constantly managed to surprise and surpass expectation through out the five albums that they have made together which I think have contained some of the best rock music in recent memory. One thing is for sure, they will be missed.