Will You Mourn The MiniDisc?

News in today that MiniDiscs still exist. Who knew? Sony, the original creators, announced they’ll cease to make MiniDisc stereo systems, with the last sold by March. The days of the MiniDisc were already numbered: consumers haven’t been able to order a walkman player since 2011. Still, 270 albums were released on MiniDisc in 2012 so someone’s still carrying the flapjack-shaped artefact around.

Eclipsed by MP3 players soon after they entered the world in 1992, the MiniDisc format never stood much of a chance. The discs had funky colours and there was a pleasing click when you shut the lid but, let’s be honest, they didn’t deliver the best user experience. The discs were so expensive, the sound was ropey and tapes and CDs were easier to get hold of. My brother had a gold one I borrowed. He only ever bought one album – Fatboy Slim’s ‘You’ve Come A Long Way Baby’ – and a bunch of mixtapes, then gave it to me. I took it to Honduras when I moved there for a while and vividly remember using it to play Ryan Adams, Lamb and Jeff Buckley for the first time.

Do you have fond MiniDisc memories? Will you mourn their demise? Let me know.