Does Yorkshire have the best buskers? This impromptu ‘Hallelujah’ collaboration makes a good case

A story of mutual appreciation

Picture the scene: you’re walking through a town centre at night and a busker is strumming away on guitar. Then you spot someone take a short break from their night: they walk over to the busker, exchange a few words, and then start belting out a tune. And rather than being a load of drunken yelling, it actually sounds really good.

That’s exactly what happened a couple of nights ago in Leeds, when Jade Helliwell walked up to Dawid Osial and got him to play her the guitar part for Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. The pair proceeded to play the entirety of the song, exchanging vocal duties, and drawing a crowd of applauding listeners.

The video that captured the moment was shared by Facebook page Straight Up Yorkshire. “This is why I love Yorkshire,” the caption reads. “A friend of mine called Jade was on a night out in Leeds and she saw a busker, she goes over and asks if she can have a sing, his face is absolutely priceless when he realises how good she is, the busker is also amazing, get this shared!” Job done: the clip has now been viewed more than seven million times. Not bad.