Your Twenties <3 Elastica TLA

When he’s not playing bass with Metronomy, Gabriel Stebbing fronts Your Twenties, writing breezy, candy-coloured pop, and the occasional love letter to his teenage heroines. “The song Annie is inspired by my love of the Britpop band, Elastica,” he says. “It is basically true, although it was Donna I fancied, not Annie.”

Your Twenties

It was a chance meeting that led Stebbing to pen the song. “I used to work at a pub in Brighton called The Greys – great pub – and one day Annie Holland came and sat at the bar. All the regulars bought her drinks all night long.” It turned out Holland used to work behind the bar, hence Stebbing’s sweet-lipped declaration, ‘we shared a job but we could’ve shared more’.

“Next day I saw her in the Post Office on Western Road collecting her Giro,” he says. “So I went home and wrote the song.”

You can swoon to ‘Annie’ by Your Twenties and grab an exclusive remix of the band’s, ‘Caught Wheel’ by the awesome Gold Panda at Pinglewood.

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