Introducing… Fashion Designer Holly Fulton

Introducing… Holly Fulton!

Holly is joining our Q&A panel, discussing her experience in the fashion industry, providing you with the guidance you need for your future career. She will be answering your all your questions from the intricate details about her career, to the industry itself, and the creative industries as a whole.

Holly has spent her career in the fashion industry, specialising in womenswear and accessories. After graduating from Edinburgh University, she attended the Royal College of Art, cementing her interest in fashion, leading to her creating her own eponymous label in 2009.

Holly’s success in the fashion industry has been proven through the numerous awards that she has received; Elle New Designer 2010, Scottish Young Designer 2009 and 2010, Elle Talent Launch Pad 2010 and Emerging Talent Accessories at British fashion awards 2010.

Holly diversified herself from the rest of the industry by creating her own unique look, in her words she draws “upon a dizzying array of sources, from art deco lines and Bauhaus shapes, to pop art painting and psychedelic illustration”, which is a reflection of her love for art history and pop culture.

Holly’s 3 #LifeHacks are…

1. Never judge a book by its cover; you can never tell who is going to prove helpful to you in your career and its often the most surprising people who come in surprisingly useful!

2. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself; I’m a firm believer in good karma and being polite and considerate to those that cross your path is a fundamental for me.

3. Learn to deal with constructive criticism; it can be hard to take at the time but I always believe that criticism makes you strengthen your resolve and sharpen your vision, it makes you stronger and more well rounded as a person.

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