Alex Winston, Odd Future, The Isle Of Wight – This Week’s The Buzz

The rundown of the music, videos and scenes setting the blogosphere on fire this week

1. Alex Winston
Shit’s gotta be tough if you’re a budding quirky cred-pop siren in August 2010. With many of your would-be contemporaries lying strewn around record company gates (all major labels have gigantic, creaky wrought iron gates, btw), dropped casualties of the FloRouxMarinaGouldBoots hysteria of the past, it’s always gonna be a slog. But in this climate, 21-year-old Alex Winston is the massive fuck-off lioness with an ovary-quaking rumble of a roar.

The almost upsettingly hot Detroiter manages to sound in 30 seconds of her debut single on the The Knocks’ HeavyRoc imprint, the catchiest new prospect to crop up in ’10. They say the best songs take three listens to kick in, but in the case of ‘Choice Notes’, it’s immediate; think Marina playing Brittany Murphy’s character in 8 Mile.

2. Odd Future
LA’s Odd Future (beats like El-P pranging out on GarageBand, rhymes like a pubescent Rick Ross) flip the trend that leftfield hip-hop is just for loner nerds. Top dogs Tyler The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt are 18 and 15 respectively, and with their boxfresh Supreme and skate-crash wounds, are a Larry Clark wet dream. Yuck.

3. The Isle of Wight
A man rang the office this week with a smug smirk in his voice and told us we should listen to The Shutes from the Isle Of Wight. His excitement was well placed. They’re the most far-out rock’n’roll joyride to have left IOW since
August 31, 1970 when Hendrix’s trailer pulled out.

4. Museum of Bellas Artes – ‘Watch the Glow/
Using footie metaphors to describe MOBA – delicate Scandinavian, nuanced bliss-poppers – is absurd. Oh well. Transparent – the Man City of lo-fi pop labels with their young money and coup signings (Washed Out, Smith Westerns, Yuck) – have essentially landed Kaká on a free transfer here.

5. Spark – ‘Revolving’
If someone had told us a few weeks ago we’d be lifting our solo cred-pop girl ban twice in a week, we’d have called you a fool. But then we’d not heard 679’s new signing, 18-year-old Walthamstow lass Spark. Her debut can’t decide if she wants to work with Neptunes or Butch Vig, so tries a sprinkle of both.

This article originally appeared in the September 11 issue of NME

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